News Update

 30th November 2016

Winners of Wide Bay ( Bundaberg) Dog of year & All Age Dog of year Mal Tyrie with RTCH Tirnanoge Darlin Emmie and Novice dog of year Paul Towning with Mhadaidh Amidalof Naboo “Dala”. Not in photo Restricted dog of year Bob Boodnikoff with Aprilraine Gundiguy Skoda RRD . Congratulations to all.




                      PRESIDENTS REPORT 2016

      Our 2015 AGM was held on 7th February at John and Karen Peeks home, followed by a seafood BBQ. The next meeting was on Monday afternoon, the Anzac Day holiday, at the farm in preparation for our two trials on in May at Reid and Leanne Dicks property at Yandaran. We had fine weather and plenty of water for these two trials, but the entries were down probably because the Sunday was Mothers Day.


      A meeting was held after training at Mal and Pamela Tyries in June in preparation for the three trials the following weekend. The Wide Bay Cup was run at Pipers property at South Kolan and was won by Greg Meeve and his Labrador, Sumo. Monday was not a public holiday for the Queens’ Birthday in Queensland this year but we had sufficient entries to conduct the three stakes on that day.


      The two trials in July at Scotts were wet and muddy. It is unfortunate that we didn’t have enough entries to run a Novice stake this weekend, but there were sufficient entries for the Restricted and All Age stakes.


      The Queensland State Championship for 2016 was run near Beaudesert on the 6th and 7th August. There were 22 starters and 9 finishers. It was won by Club Member Mal Tyrie with his 23 month old Labrador Emmi. Malcolm must be doing something right because he also achieved fifth place with his older Labrador, Kit. The National Leaderboard Results for 2016 are out and Malcolm and Emmi came third and Emmi is the highest scoring Qld dog.


      In September, on the weekend of the NSW State Championship, our Club Treasurer Pamela Tyrie was heard on the airwaves chatting with Ian MacNamara on Australia All Over about the wet conditions at the State Title and the upcoming National Retrieving Trial.


      Our last trial for the year was the Unification Trials at Monsildale Road near Jimna in October. It was very dry and there was hardly any water, but our Vice-President Trevor Davies and his consistent GSP Seeker placed 2nd both days.


      Local Club Members have had the benefit of many training days during the year mainly organized by Dom and Elio who put a lot of time in to helping and setting up runs. Everyone takes turns at stewarding and operating throwers. Early this year Dom renovated many bird throwers and made at least six reliable automatic bird throwers which come in very handy at training.


      I would like to thank everybody who helped to keep this Club running efficiently throughout the year, especially our Secretary, the Executive, Caterers, Trial Managers, Stewards and Judges. Thank you also to all the Property Owners who allow us to use their land.


      Merry Christmas to everybody and their dogs and all the best for 2017.


Martin Walsh (President)




President’s Report for 2015

This has been a busy year with our usual club training sessions on Saturdays and Sundays, and the club has conducted six retrieving trials spread over three weekends. We have been host club to the State and National Championships. The championships are under the control of the State RAFT committee, but much of the planning and detailed management was performed by our club members. We are a small club and everybody pulled their weight. We were fortunate in our competition venues with the State championship on 29 & 30 August at Geoff and Robyn Piper’s farm at South Kolan, and the National spread between Lake Redbrook Holiday Retreat and George and Gerda Hobi’s farm in Walkers Road, South Bingera. The first and third days were at Redbrook and the second day was at Hobi’s. A lot of visiting competitors stayed at Redbrook either in lakeside cabins or in their own caravans. Owners Gary and Sharyn are to be congratulated on their resort and how well they looked after their guests. Our club trials were at Reid and Leanne Dick’s Yandaran property on 21 & 22 March, Scott Kirkwood’s farm for 3 days of trialing at Ten Mile Road, South Kolan, and the Unification Trial at Jack Hetherington’s Dalarnil farm at the beginning of October. We shared that weekend with FRA, but this year the Labrador club opted out. Our gratitude goes to the farm owners Reid & Leanne Dick, Scott and Lorna Kirkwood, Geoff & Robyn Piper, George & Gerda Hobi and Jack, Yvonne & Phil Hetherington. Without them we would have no sport.

Thank you to the executive of this club, in particular to Wendy Michalk who wears two hats as our club secretary and as secretary of the RAFT committee of Dogs Queensland. She is a consummate organizer and would be very hard to replace. Thank you to Dom and Elio Colasimone. Dom and Elio were engaged as judges of the State championship, but Dom had to drop out because of illness and was ably replaced by Georgina Golle’. I am sure Dom will judge many championships. Both brothers are our principal trainers and hard workers for the club, and who make things happen.
Elio was heavily involved in inspecting venues for the championships and in their organization. Thank you to Evan Mangin who was trial manager for the State championship, and John Palu who was trial manager for the National. John and Evan worked together as a team for both State and National competitions. Thank you to Pamela Tyrie for catering at competitions throughout the year. Her work for the June long weekend of trials deserves special mention.

And now to special performances of some of our members and their dogs. The most prolific winners all year have been Malcolm Tyrie and Kit. Kit is Wide Bay Dog of the Year and All Age Dog of the Year. She is 4th on the National leaderboard and came 3rd in the State championship. In the June trial Paul Towning’s Golden Retriever “Rocky” won the Wide Bay Cup.
Wendy and Billy were our other finishers in the state championship. In the National championship Elio’s GSP Messi came 5th. We all watched a fine piece of handling. His other dog Shiraz got to the final round, but after a change of order because of the first dog to run getting a “ no bird”, Shiraz was sent first into a clump of lakeside reeds containing swamp hens. Shiraz preferred live swamp hens to a dead pigeon. OUT! Margaret Sullivan’s flat coated retriever Kes is Restricted Dog of the Year and Jake Christensen’s Johnny is Novice Dog of the Year.  Dom Colasimone’s very young GSP Vyper has achieved his NRD, RRD and RTCh in one year. A remarkable feat!  What a trainer!  Other titles won include:

                                           Bob Boodnikoff’s Nova Scotia “Scoda”    NRD

                                          Wendy Michalk’s GSP     ‘Prada                    NRD

                                          Evan Mangin’s GSP    Niko                             NRD

                                          Jake Christensen’s Labrador “Johnny”    NRD

                                          Merrilyn Walsh’s Labrador      “Hero”        NRD

                                          Margaret Sullivan’s Flat Coat   “Kes”        RRD

                                          Martin Walsh’s Labrador     “Fudge”        RRD


That was 2015.  I wish you and your dogs a merry Christmas & successful retrieving in 2016.


7 February 2016

When I prepared this report in November before our end of year break up dinner I was not able to mention one more award because it had not been officially announced by Dogs Queensland.  The Queensland Dog of the Year 2015 was Malcolm Tyrie’s Labrador bitch RTCH Tirnanoge Knight Rider, Kit to her friends.


Trevor Davies (President)